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Walter Harrison, founding father of Tapestri and Chuck Williams, Affiliate Manager share a quick overview of Tapestri with potential affiliates before the launch of the Tapestri app. 

 Tapestri Affiliate Compensation Plan 

 Tapestri may be a technology company employing a two-tier affiliate compensation decide to distribute the Tapestri app. 

 All users that consent to permit Tapestri to use their location data and set their “location” within the app settings to “Always” will earn an estimated $5 to $25 a month. this may be determined by the particular value of the info collected and paid monthly.

 There will be a refer a lover feature within the app and for everybody you share the app with you'll earn $1 per month, if that user remains active (has the app installed and site set to “always”). 

 There is no minimum or maximum regarding the amount of apps you'll divulge together with your link.

 The option to become an affiliate are going to be made available on the Tapestri website and on the app. A Tapestri affiliate must first be a lively Tapestri app user. Therefore, an Affiliate cannot uninstall the app and basically refer themselves. If an Affiliate uninstalls the app, they deactivate themselves as an Affiliate. 

 A Tapestri affiliate must comply with terms and conditions, pay a $9.95 monthly subscription fee, comply with the “Terms and Conditions” and complete their profile within the Tapestri Affiliate program back office so as to be a lively Affiliate.

 Founder's Club Membership: A Tapestri affiliate that enrolls and pays a $9.95 before the launch of the Tapestri app gets the primary twelve months FREE!

 As a Tapestri affiliate you'll receive $1 per user per month on your second level additionally to the $1 per user on your first level. Note: users must move to get the income for the affiliate. 

 Finally, there'll be special benefits and rewards for people who earn “Super Affiliate”! 

 A Super Affiliate is an affiliate that has a minimum of ten (10) active affiliates on their first level at the top of month. These active affiliates don't need to be “new” affiliates monthly , just a complete of ten personally enrolled by the Super Affiliate. 

 Super Affiliates share within the rotation of “orphan” app users. An “orphan” app user is one that involves Tapestri without a connection to an existing user, affiliate, or super affiliate. for instance , he or she just found us on the Apple or Google Play Store. 

 Qualified Super Affiliates in one month are rewarded with “orphans” supported equal rotation with all other Super Affiliates the subsequent month. 

 Super Affiliates also earn a 50% matching bonus on all affiliates and Super Affiliates in their levels one and two. The matching bonus doesn't apply to a different Super Affiliates matching bonus. 

 Income Disclaimer: Tapestri doesn't guarantee any level of earnings. Earnings are supported successfully making a gift of the Tapestri app and/or building a team of Affiliates that do an equivalent .

 For more information about Tapestri Affiliate program, please revisit with the person who invited you to observe the presentation.


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