Saturday, August 14, 2021

Smartphone Apps That Pay You Back!

 With the average smartphone bill approaching (or even exceeding) $100, it has never been more important for smartphone owners to save money where they can. Some smartphone owners are using apps that pay them for comparison shopping, taking surveys and other simple activities.


These apps might not make you rich, but they can save you some money and help offset the high cost of modern technology. Here are a few favorite moneymaking smartphone apps.


#1. Receipt Hog

The Receipt Hog app rewards you for doing what you already do every day: shop. Simply download the Receipt Hog apps, take photos of your receipts and send them in. Receipts from virtually any type of store -- from convenience stores and drug stores to major retailers and department stores -- can be used.


Receipt Hog rewards users with virtual coins that can be redeemed for gift cards at or turned into cash through Paypal. In exchange, Receipt Hog uses the data it collects to create market research reports it then sells to companies.


#2. Viggle

This is the perfect app for smartphone users who love to watch TV or listen to music on their devices. The Viggle app is available for both Android and iPhone, and it awards points for watching TV and listening to music.


Users earn points for the things they watch and listen to, plus additional points for answering questions and engaging with content creators. The points can then be redeemed for merchandise from major retailers such as Footlocker, Best Buy, Starbucks and more.


#3. GigWalk

GigWalk is a must-have smartphone app for any city dweller. GigWalk rewards users for completing certain tasks, things like verifying street signs and roads, finding geographic landmarks and evaluating transportation options.


Simply download the GigWalk app, sign up and check out the available tasks. You can choose the tasks you want and complete them at your leisure. GigWalk is available in a growing number of cities, but check your location before you download the app.


#4. Ibotta

The Ibotta app has long been a favorite of both Android and iPhone users, and it is easy to see why. This simple app rewards you for shopping at the stores you already frequent. The rewards are in the form of cash back, and you can earn even more by referring others to the service.


Just download the Ibotta app, shop like you always do and take photos of your receipt after checkout. Upon verification, Ibotta will credit you with a specified amount of cash back. Payments are made through Paypal.


#5. Shopkick

The Shopkick app is one of the best rewards programs on the smartphone market, and it is available for both Android and iPhone users. Once you download the Shopkick app to your phone, you will automatically earn rewards, or kicks, when you walk into stores like Target, Old Navy, Macy's, Exxon and more. You can earn even more rewards by scanning specified bar codes, referring others to the app or browsing through electronic catalogs.


You can exchange the kicks you earn for gift cards from stores like Target, Starbucks and Old Navy, or redeem them for clothing, electronics and other goodies. The Shopkick app is simple to use and potentially very rewarding.


These five apps can help you earn cash back, gift cards and other rewards simply for going through your daily routine. You have your smartphone in your pocket anyway, so why not let it pay you