Monday, December 31, 2018

IMP - A revolution in web monetization

Token sale.

IMP is a utility token that focuses on the functionality of today's advertising. We're not only changing the rules of the CPM advertising game, but paving the way for the future of web advertising; IMP tokens guarantee the possibility to maintain a website, from revenue to hosting, and create an economic environment based on impressions generated through websites without having to exchange to other Cryptocurrencies.

IMP TOKENS Airdrops.
A total of 25 million IMP tokens will be sent out among users who are eligible to apply for the airdrop. Want to be sure if you are one of them? Check the rules and regulations on buy page. This is a free way to obtain tokens.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Wonderful news about Webchain!
They told us about their newest invention - https://Webchain.Network when it was around 15-20 satoshi, now it's ~80 satoshi, and it's march up has only started. Did you know that if you invested 100 USD in bitcoin in 2010 you would have way more than 10 millions USD now? But would you do it back then? Invest in unknown project 100 USD?
They are planning to release two big projects based on WEB soon, that should increase it's value exceptionally.
Grow Graphic
Their team is committed to making Webchain one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies. They encourage you to buy it while it's still cheap, you can do it here, even if you are not big investor, 100 USD or less could make you rich one day.
If you are still not convinced, look at our working product (coinimp) and on our team presented on and at our market cap and compare it to other coins. Coins that don't even have main page can sometimes be worth 10 times more than us. And market sooner or later will notice this.
This coin is mineble at

Friday, August 3, 2018

Vigo video!!

Vigo video is one of the most famous applications on google play. It is a popular social networking app whose users are increasing day by day. This is an easy to use and quite entertaining app designed to help the users make videos. Using this app, you can simply make short videos of your own and share it with the rest of the world. Not only it helps you to be more creative, it is a wonderful way to spend your free time.

Download the Vigo Video app now and enjoy making 15 sec videos. There is a number of helpful tools including interesting filters using which you can enhance the impact of your videos. Use the amazing effects provided to show your personalized style and make your clips more worth watching. Use this Short Videomaker to earn Money.

Along with being an incredible means of entertainment, it can also help you to make some cash. Make interesting videos, let the world see your skills and start receiving cash prizes in addition to some excellent rewards. The money you earn through this platform is directly related to your viewership. Here you can communicate with a large number of people across the Globe. You can increase your fan base on Vigo via some simple and practical tips. Make use of Helpful tools. It is a wonderful platform where you can connect with tens of thousands of fans and showcase your talent. To come up with something unique and inspiring in just 15 seconds can be really challenging. It is up to you how you use them to create something catchy. There is a number of useful editing tools that are designed to make the video making easier. Use these along with a number of decorative items added to help you come up with the best. Use them, be more creative and make some fun-filled videos to increase your viewership.

Be more artistic.
You can make your content more interesting and engage by the use of appropriate music and effects. There are several motion stickers and emojis also available that you can use to amplify the impact of your short video. Merging different elements to create a masterpiece can be hard but it is fun trying different things. All these can be a joyous experience and they can take your video to a whole new level.

Share it.
Once you are done making a video, you can share it on several different social media to show people how capable you are. The more people like your videos and give flames, the more you get to earn. The flames can be converted into solid cash that you can spend in any way you want. You can share your life with hundreds of people in the form of small clips. To make those clips more attention-grabbing, you can use the music of your choice. This phenomenal app allows you to become your own DJ.

If you have not used this app before, you are missing out on great fun. Download it now and enjoy a matchless and comfortable film making experience.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Wow! Litecoin Cash!


The world of the cryptocurrencies keeps revolving every now and then with serious of competitive advancement and improvement engulfing the present day gold. Most cryptocurrencies seems to go through series of forks to meet the demands of users and the improving technological improvements. Largely a hard fork sees to the implementation of ideas that aims to correct security risk that are of huge importance to eliminate the shortcomings of the relatively old versions of the software. A recent fork in the Litecoin has created a coin named the LiteCoin Cash, LCC. 
The Litecoin which is the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap and obtained to buy and sell various services and products such as jewelry, clothing, food, and electronic recently underwent a hardfork that bequeath Litecoin Cash, a new level of cryptocurrency that outwits even Bitcoin in speed. The Litecoin cash is different from Litecoin owing to the swiftness of purchase it avails and its limit is set at 840 million as against that of Litecoin which is 84 million. The decentralization of these currencies meanwhile unifies them in characteristics.
There is the addition of new functionality to the Litecoin Cash which lowers transaction fees, advances better difficulty adjustment, and is mined with SHA256. The Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) uniquely brings a mathematical functionality that runs on digital data by weighing computed hash. This hash values makes the Litecoin Cash a better version of LiteCoin.

The Litecoin fork block, led to the Litecoin Cash switch to SHA256 proof-of-work hashes which is a mining arithmetic also used by Bitcoin. This enables a new use for previously obsolete Bitcoin mining hardware. The Litecoin Cash, LCC however is much faster and cheaper due to its bandwidth which is enormous as well as better difficulty retargeting. 

Litecoins cash will revamp the market with its technological uniqueness that will with time outgrown in popularity in response to the demand for alternative currency options from consumers around the world. The currency like its older version works much like standard world currencies. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Gaming PC

So you have an gaming PC that you aren’t using as much as you thought you would? Maybe you want to build or upgrade a gaming PC, but you’re concerned about the rising cost of graphics card? Perhaps you’ve heard about mining crypto with a GPU?

written by MinerGate Mining Pool

Binance Doubles Referral Rewards

Yes that's right 40% commission to all that have 500 BNB or more! Beter sign up and start buying BNB.

Fellow Binancians,

Binance will double referral commission rewards to 40% for all accounts that hold 500 BNB or more, starting from 2018/05/19 0:00 AM (UTC). Each user’s commission rate will then be adjusted at 0:00 AM (UTC) each day based on their BNB holdings. The commission rate for all other users will remain at 20%.
Note: The daily snapshot of BNB holdings will not include any BNB locked in-order or pending for withdrawal/deposit.
Thanks for your support!

Binance Team 2018/05/18

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

How to Use Binance.

One of the most common questions I get from readers is "How do I use Binance?" That's why I found a video tutorial for you that covers the basics. This will show you how to register and trade at Binance.

The Bitcoin madness is getting crazier day by day. Many exchanges are flooded with new users and have shut down registrations - I'm not kidding you! Binance is one of the few sites that still let new users sign up without verifying their ID. Hurry and sign up before they close down registrations forever.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Get 20% Commissions with this Bitcoin Site!

Since the beginning of 2018, a lot of people are starting to hear about Bitcoins and how it made many people millionaires. It's mentioned in the news and tweeted about many times. The best time to get in is NOW!
Binance is the exchange with the lowest fees - less than 0.1% per trade. Not only that, but you make 20% commissions off your referral's fees for life. So it pays to refer people to Binance. They have monthly contests & prizes including a Lamborghini! Best of all, registration is free and you do NOT need to verify your identity!
The Bitcoin madness is getting crazier day by day. Many exchanges are flooded with new users and have shut down registrations - I'm not kidding you! Binance is one of the few sites that still let new users sign up without verifying their ID. Hurry and sign up before they close down registrations forever.