Saturday, February 24, 2018


What is Dogezer?
Dogezer helps entrepreneurs manage and form their software teams without the need of outside funding. It also helps team members become investors through investing their time and labor into to the project.
Project owner generates project coin with the help of the platform, and then use that coin to pay for the job done by software developers, designers and others - all these who execute the project with the help of tools offered by the platform. Developers earn these coins and complete the project. When project starts to bring revenue that revenue is used to reward coin holders proportionally to amount of coins they own.
By utilizing this approach, Dogezer helps project owners to concentrate on their project and skip spending tremendous efforts on fundraising.
For contributors (developers, designers and other working on the product), it is expected that project owner would be paying 5x-10x their normal pay in coins (to account for risks they are taking), which will allow these persons to break through glass ceiling of a maximum salary for persons who work for hire when project is successful.
Approach proposed by Dogezer aligns motivation of all team members on one common goal - complete the project and make coins they have earned to be convertible to actual payment.
Dogezer can be also used to organize ICOs with the help of the platform. These ICOs can follow the model similar to ICOs happening now - or could follow “Iterative Investment” approach proposed by Dogezer and supported by Vitalik Buterin:
Dogezer can also be used by traditional brick and mortar businesses to replace the tools they’ve been using. They don’t have to pay a myriad of vendors or integration issues that are between different products. They can enjoy using one system that keeps all of their company growth and development tools all in one place. Read more...