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FidentiaX : ICO

Why FidentiaX?
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FidentiaX the world’s initial marketplace for tradable insurance policies, are a membership-based scheme that specialize in the key stakeholders:
Policyholders –Providing a liquidity various to existing policyholders through a cleartruthful and economical platform that permits tokenization of their existing policies.
Buyers –Developing a trustless marketplace for consumers exploring tradable policies as a part of their investment portfolio by investing on blockchain technology and its advantages to supply a secured transactional scheme. Our platform options are designed and developed with these member stakeholders’ desires as a guideline. fidentiaX members’ platform can give the subsequent options counting on the membership class


Detailed review:
FidentiaX, found on-line at, aims to be the world’s initial marketplace for tradable insurance policies.

Today, a growing range of individuals ar selecting to sell their insurance policies. you'll sell your contract to a 3rd party rather than surrendering it to your insurance underwriter at a coffee pricethis is often notably common within the life assurance world. somebody may get older and understand they don’t would like a life assurance policy. Their youngsters can be well setup financially, as an exampleduring this case, somebody offers to shop for their contract for over what the insurance underwriter was about to purchase surrendering the policy, however but what the ultimate settlement are.
There are some issues with this supposed life assurance settlement trade. FidentiaX needs to resolve those issues.
What issues will FidentiaX look for to Solve?

FidentiaX is aware of there’s a requirement for associate insurance marketplace wherever customers should purchase and sell policies. However, there ar some issues with today’s industry:
No Recognized Marketplace:

Currently, sellers struggle to seek out interested consumersconsumers don't have access to accessible policies and ar restricted by their region of residence.
No Assurance:

Buyers got to place trust in a very secondary market supplierthe present observe needs the customer to pay earlier and trust that the policy are transferred.

Both consumers and sellers got to be physically gift at the insurer’s workplace so as to transfer policies.
Policyholders Lose Money:

Policyholders face a challenge. they'll either surrender their policy at existing money price, as determined by the insurance underwriter, in exchange for losing their protection. Or, they'll secure a totally collateralized loan from their insurance underwriter at associate rate of interest of five to seven-membered annually, secured by their existing policy.
How will FidentiaX Work?

How will FidentiaX commit to solve the issues listed above? the corporate envisions a blockchain-based platform that facilitates a four-step dealings between contract consumers and sellers.
The FidentiaX platform is constructed on a custom-made version of the NXT blockchain. Here ar the four steps concerned in a verydealings on the blockchain:
Step 1) Listing:

Policyholders will list their tradeable insurance policies on the platform. Policyholders World Health Organization wish to create cash from their policy can submit the policy to FidentiaX’s blockchain-powered platform, then gain access to prepared consumers on the platform. consumers will then browse the accessible policies and select any policies that meet their investment objects.
Step 2) Offering:

Interested consumers complete the relevant documentation and deposit funds to the platform. Sellers are notified that funds are secured, and so the relevant documentation is transmitted.
Step 3) Submission:

The seller, armed with the reassurance that funds ar in situ, goes to the insurance underwriter to complete the transfer of policy to the new owner. the vendor receives documented proof that the policy has been transferred.
Step 4) Complete:

Sellers transfer the documented proof of the transfer onto the FidentiaX blockchain. That proof can then be verified. Upon verification, documentation is transferred to the customer whereas funds ar at the same time free to the vendor.
FidentiaX options

FidentiaX plans to supply the subsequent options and modules accessible on the platform:
Policy Ledger:

The FidentiaX policy ledger breaks from the normal reliance on intermediaries by making a digital ledger for policyholders. That ledger consolidates and manages your insurance policies on a distributed ledger, creates associate immutable record of your policies on the blockchain, and completes alternative blockchain-based transactions.
Listing of Policies for Tokenization:

FidentiaX can have a information of tokenized policies across the tradetogether with endowment, whole life, universal, key-man, investment-linked, annuity, and more.
Members Auction:

The FidentiaX members auction permits users to bid themselves a policy. Investors will use this feature to effectively add a policy to their portfolio as associate investment strategy.
Marketplace for Tradeable Policy Purchases:

The FidentiaX marketplace permits users to browse accessible tradeable policies for purchase, or filter policies supported criteria like tenure, yield at maturity, amount, and more.
Custodian Services:

FidentiaX permits consumers to seek out keeper services – say, if they need somebody to require care of a policy till it’s reaches maturity.
Portfolio Builder:

The FidentiaX portfolio builder may be a customised service for consumers inquisitive about customizing and building a portfolio of trade able insurance policies. FidentiaX can give skilled services for that portfolio, together with sourcing, validation, and therefore the transfer of the required policies.
Who’s Behind FidentiaX?

FidentiaX is crystal rectifier by co-founders Alvin ANG and Stephen Arnold Douglas Goh. ANG may be a multi-disciplined bourgeois with in depth expertise in technology, engineering, banking, and insurance. Goh may be a blockchain enthusiast with 15+ years of expertise in banking, M&A, and fintech.
FidentiaX is predicated in Singapore.
The idea for FidentiaX began in might 2016. The idea and development of the platform took type throughout 2016 and 2017. The company’s crowdsale is regular for November 2017, with the launch of the FidentiaX Membership Marketplace occurring in Feb 2018.
The initial goal of the corporate is to create its whole at intervals Asia before corporal punishment a worldwide enlargement strategy. Key initial targets embody metropolis, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore.
The FidentiaX Token Sale

The FidentiaX platform can use 3 differing kinds of tokens, together with tokens accessible within the crowdsale (fdX), currency illustration tokens (eBTC, eTH, eUSD, etc.), and platform unified tokens (ISX).
The fdX tokens ar accessible through the crowdsale. There’s a complete of one hundred million fdX tokens accessible through the sale. one ETH = five hundred fdX throughout the sale, though bonuses ar accessible on days one through five.
The token sale was proclaimed on Oct sixteen. Here ar alternative necessary dates you would like to understand about:
October 20: begin of personal contribution spherical (pre-sale)
November 5: finish of personal contribution spherical
November 6: begin of public contribution spherical (crowdsale)
December 5: finish of public contribution spherical
FidentiaX Conclusion

FidentiaX is building associate insurance marketplace engineered on blockchain technology. That marketplace aims to supply a safer and convenient expertise to insurance policyholders World Health Organization would like to sell their policies for money, or for anyone World Health Organization needs to feature insurance policies to their portfolio.
Today, there isn’t extremely a marketplace for contract consumers or sellers – that is why FidentiaX sees a chance.