Sunday, March 27, 2022

5 steps to getting started with Tapestri


Thursday, March 24, 2022

How to set up the app for maximum earnings.

 Step-by-step Android location settings: 
 Step-by-step iOS location settings:

Saturday, October 30, 2021

CoinFlo App- Cryptocurrency Tracking And News.

 PipeFlare is proud to introduce CoinFlo – a completely free app to help you track your portfolio and stay up-to-date on recent news.


CoinFlo is a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use application.

With CoinFlo you’ll be able to create multiple portfolios (e.g Privacy, DeFi, NFT) and keep all your assets organized. You’ll also be able to set alerts and get a notification when your assets make sudden moves.

We also have a free news feed so that you can stay up-to-date with the most recent market news.


CoinFlo Referral Program

You can earn up to 300 1FLR Tokens by referring your friends to CoinFlo.

Step 1: Use the unique referral code found in the app. You can find it by clicking “Referral Link” in the navigation screen.

Step 2: Share your code with your friends and family.

Step 3: You can earn up to 300 1FLR Tokens for each user you refer. They will also earn Flare Tokens at the same rate as you. Here are the criteria:

100 1FLRTokens: User downloads the app, and logs in using their PipeFlare account. You and the user both get 100 1FLR Tokens.

100 1FLRTokens: User creates a new portfolio and adds at least 5 coins. You and the user both get 100 1FLR  tokens.

100 1FLR Tokens: User uses the app at least 10 times in the first 30 days. You and the user both get 100 tokens.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Smartphone Apps That Pay You Back!

 With the average smartphone bill approaching (or even exceeding) $100, it has never been more important for smartphone owners to save money where they can. Some smartphone owners are using apps that pay them for comparison shopping, taking surveys and other simple activities.


These apps might not make you rich, but they can save you some money and help offset the high cost of modern technology. Here are a few favorite moneymaking smartphone apps.


#1. Receipt Hog

The Receipt Hog app rewards you for doing what you already do every day: shop. Simply download the Receipt Hog apps, take photos of your receipts and send them in. Receipts from virtually any type of store -- from convenience stores and drug stores to major retailers and department stores -- can be used.


Receipt Hog rewards users with virtual coins that can be redeemed for gift cards at or turned into cash through Paypal. In exchange, Receipt Hog uses the data it collects to create market research reports it then sells to companies.


#2. Viggle

This is the perfect app for smartphone users who love to watch TV or listen to music on their devices. The Viggle app is available for both Android and iPhone, and it awards points for watching TV and listening to music.


Users earn points for the things they watch and listen to, plus additional points for answering questions and engaging with content creators. The points can then be redeemed for merchandise from major retailers such as Footlocker, Best Buy, Starbucks and more.


#3. GigWalk

GigWalk is a must-have smartphone app for any city dweller. GigWalk rewards users for completing certain tasks, things like verifying street signs and roads, finding geographic landmarks and evaluating transportation options.


Simply download the GigWalk app, sign up and check out the available tasks. You can choose the tasks you want and complete them at your leisure. GigWalk is available in a growing number of cities, but check your location before you download the app.


#4. Ibotta

The Ibotta app has long been a favorite of both Android and iPhone users, and it is easy to see why. This simple app rewards you for shopping at the stores you already frequent. The rewards are in the form of cash back, and you can earn even more by referring others to the service.


Just download the Ibotta app, shop like you always do and take photos of your receipt after checkout. Upon verification, Ibotta will credit you with a specified amount of cash back. Payments are made through Paypal.


#5. Shopkick

The Shopkick app is one of the best rewards programs on the smartphone market, and it is available for both Android and iPhone users. Once you download the Shopkick app to your phone, you will automatically earn rewards, or kicks, when you walk into stores like Target, Old Navy, Macy's, Exxon and more. You can earn even more rewards by scanning specified bar codes, referring others to the app or browsing through electronic catalogs.


You can exchange the kicks you earn for gift cards from stores like Target, Starbucks and Old Navy, or redeem them for clothing, electronics and other goodies. The Shopkick app is simple to use and potentially very rewarding.


These five apps can help you earn cash back, gift cards and other rewards simply for going through your daily routine. You have your smartphone in your pocket anyway, so why not let it pay you 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Earning Money with Cryptocurrency!

It’s that part of the year again when cryptomarket is making rounds in the news globally. The market is experiencing growth in the investment and the prices of coins are hiking. This brings a lot of positivity in the crypto circles and community. Miners on the other hand are that chunk of this community that is going to enjoy this hike the most. If you are one of the miners or are considering being the one, you might need to continue reading this blog!
For the miner community, this hike brings them an opportunity to earn a fortune by mining the coins through a platform named as “”. is your one stop spot that allows access to the sophisticated mining software with easy instructions and tutorials for newbies to follow. All you need is to download the software, run it in on your computer and as suggests “set it and forget it”. It’s as simple as that! Let your PC and do the job for you while you lay back and enjoy the coffee.
At this point, doesn’t allow users to handpick the coins of their own preference to mine because it’s only aim is to allow its users to make money regardless of the coins. Whether you run a mining rig or are looking to earn using your PC, is just the platform for you to start mining and earn your fortunate. For now, is available for windows operating system only but the Mac version of it is under development and will be launched soon.
Don’t wait, the lambo awaits you!

When talking about intangible, and valuable, the first thing your mind would click on to, these days, is bitcoin. The world’s gone crazy; literally everyone’s talking about it. Fundamentally, cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency, which is claimed to be designed to offer anonymous, secure and fast transactions. Thus, bitcoin, ethereum and other coins are called cryptocurrencies. The underlying technology behind it is called blockchain that serves as a distributed system which is encrypted using cryptographic techniques to oust the third party that used to verify the transactions occurred between two parties. There are multiple methods to earn a fortune through cryptocurrencies, one way is to buy the coins and sell them at a higher price and the other way is to mine the coins, which means using your devices’ processing power to generate new coins.
With the inclination of people towards the cryptocurrencies, a lot of platforms have jumped in the scenario but not every platform is trustworthy, secure or easy to start with. In this entire saturated field comes in a platform that makes its way to the top when it comes to earning a fortune by mining the cryptocurrency. That platform is is peculiar in nature due to a number to reasons. The prominent of them is that the platform provides instant profits at a higher exchange rate. Moreover, the users don’t need to buy powerful GPUs to earn. provides users with multiple ways through which they can earn money.
To start with, all you need to do is to sign up for and login to your account. No matter if you are windows, Mac or a Ubuntu user, provides you with all the tools to start mining, irrespective of your OS. Just go to the downloads tab and download the Minergate’s GUI miner for your respective OS or in case you are a tech savvy, you can download console version as well. Moving on, once you are done installing the application, login to the platform and test your computer’s processing power. analyzes your computer’s processing power and suggests the best settings for you to start mining. Users also have the option of allocating cores i.e processing power so in case your PC is not idle and you want to watch a movie and mine in the background, you can allocate less cores for mining purposes. Further, you can go into the miner tab and start mining the coins of your interest and choice. Just a few clicks and you’re good to go. It’s as easy as that. also lets you earn money by using your cellphone to mine the coins. Just download the Minergate’s android application and start mining coins using your smartphone. As simple as it can be. Not only this, unlock achievements by mining the coins and for each achievement unlocked, gives its users a prize! There are a lot more features being offered by for free that other platforms usually charge for. It’s time to start making money and let do the job for you! could be a plugin. It needs Google Chrome to run and it'll move as long because the browser tab is open. If you're gap the plugin for the primary time then you'll be able to select whether or not to login with Facebook or Google details that is far safer. 

Moreover if you modify your devices then the earnings won't wander off. This code may not start with mining however don't panic if it shows you any type of error. 

Check the safety system as in most cases it's the issue which is able to block the mining script. the simple thanks to maximise returns is by referring individuals. If you wish to extend the earning rate then tweak the Bitcoin mining speed and alter the worth from traditional to High. 

By dynamic the setting computer hardware power are going to be maxed out. one among the most considerations with the computer hardware mining is that the wear and tear price within the long haul. Considering the current level of problem in Ming, mining might not be value some time unless you've got a strategic set up.

The net profit you create is directly proportional to the type of kit you're using. assumptive you've got the newest hardware, you'll build way more returns than people who have come into being with the fundamental configuration. 

On the brilliant facet the minimum payout threshold is zero.00041 BTC. what is more you'll be able to increase the earning rate by eight times if you utilize their Browser. 

Never have high hopes concerning the profits as a result of notwithstanding that code you utilize, computer hardware mining won't cause you to a fortune.

Affiliate Program
To increase the quantity of users for his or her offerings, this firm options Associate in affiliate program. someone WHO incorporates a web log or any variety of alternative platform that talks concerning the items associated with cryptocurrency sector will be part of them. 

At first look their compensation set up might sound sort of a strategy however don't get confused. they're least doubtless to be a pyramid/ponzi theme. The affiliates area unit unengaged to produce their own mining network which is able to boost their earnings. 

In order to make their own chain they need to recruit individuals underneath their link. they need provided tons of promotional tools for the affiliates so as to create their work tons easier.